The Noted Project

The Noted Project is about a quickly-changing music culture told through the eyes of four individual musicians.

This multimedia research project focuses on the music culture of the Karen people living on the Thai-Burma border. This does not define the music culture of all Karen people but a small portion of the population. The Karen are an ethnic group primarily in Burma, although due to political unrest, hundreds of thousands live in Thailand—a large number in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. Many more live as refugees in countries around the world. The current situation of the Karen people is complex and volatile, and we do not pretend to understand it fully. However, we know there is value in taking a “snapshot” of this present reality.

In 2016 our team spent two months in Northwestern Thailand. We connected with local researchers and built relationships with Karen in both Thailand and Burma. It was important to us to hear from musicians who reflect diversity in multiple categories such as age, gender, religion, and musical background. We wanted to hear from individuals about the role music plays in their lives, if traditions are being preserved, and if they are changing.

We understand that change is a constant and by no means aim to criticize or compliment. We want to observe, learn, and share.

Our Team

Peter Hershey


Peter is responsible for creating the visuals of The Noted Project. He holds a degree in communication design from Kutztown University. As a classically trained violinist, one of his favorite aspects of his role has been the chance to merge his musical background with his skills in the visual arts. He currently lives in Washington DC, where you can often find him enjoying good food and working as a photographer for the local restaurant community.

Joshua Stitt


Josh is responsible for the academic integrity of The Noted Project. He has a diverse academic background: degrees in Spanish, music performance, and music composition. Despite this, he doesn’t spend all of his time in books; he understands that many things can only be learned through cultivating relationships with people. Aside from music and research Josh is a teacher, Parkour instructor, and is based in New England.

Cory Martin


Cory is responsible for filming The Noted Project’s four short films. His work captures compelling imagery of stories and individuals, as well as conservation issues and street artists. Since completing The Noted Project, Cory has been traveling and filming the far reaches of the globe with Beautiful Destinations. He is currently based out of New York City.

Ian Busko


Ian is responsible for building The Noted Project’s website. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in information sciences and technology, and currently works as an application developer. Ian is an eccentric guy who enjoys playing Legend of Zelda as much as rocking out at a Coheed and Cambria show. Ian lives with his wife, Julia, in San Francisco.

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